Crusader Band Section Leaders work diligently behind the scenes


Many of Saint Louis School’s clubs and athletic teams have been praised for their hard work and success, but the Saint Louis Band, the oldest high school band in Hawaii established in 1884, also remains dedicated and as active as ever in both school and community events.  

The Sai

nt Louis Band and the Sacred Hearts Band have now joined forces to perform in various Oahu parades. Of course, to put on a show like that, it takes hard work and practice, especially for the Crusader Band  Section Leaders.

What do Section Leaders actually do? Perhaps some will assume that “they lead the band [and are] the best at their instrument” explains Cyrus Gebauer. However, the responsibilities of a Section Leader go beyond musical talent, overseeing their instrument section to improve every player’s performance. “Sometimes it is clear cut on what needs to be practiced,” notes Vanessa Laub, a Sacred Hearts School Drum Major and Low Brass section leader, “and other times it can be a struggle to find what to work on.” 

Just as a football or basketball team captain would do, Band Section Leaders must also put in extra time, diligently  memorizing songs early to best assist their fellow section players. 

However, not every section has multiple players. “Being the only flute [player] in the Saint Louis band is sometimes nerve-racking,” explains Kimo Conroy, a senior and Flute Section Leader.  Conroy also knows the necessary sacrifices of everyone in the band and, in the end, it’s all worth it.   “

For the Crusader/Lancer Band, all of the work is clearly paying off.  “One of the best things about helping my section, despite [any challenges], is when everything comes together and all the parts sound good.” notes Laub.


As is the case with all leadership roles, Crusader Band Section Leaders have as much responsibility over their fellow members as other student leaders in any sport or club. It is an important role, and without it, it could be difficult for the band to perform well, and to continue the legacy of the Crusader Band into the future in pure harmony!