I.L.H Poly Club Fiafia Night


photo of the I.L.H Poly Club taken by Maika Hallums

The Iloa Lou Hangalu’u (I.L.H) Polynesian Club had their annual fundraiser at Central Union Church on March 9th. This particular event in the Samoan culture is called a Fiafia night and it’s an opportunity for members of the club to display their Polynesian dancing talents with their family and friends. The main advisor of the club, Pricilla Tiumalu, believed that it would be splendid if the students could dance and receive money from their families and friends rather than having a car wash. The total money that earned from the Fiafia night was a little over $21,000, and will be put towards expenses of the club such as a hotel for “We are Samoa Festival,” club uniform, and performance gear.

The Fiafia night was kicked off by the young men of Kalaepohaku performing a Ma’ulu’ulu (Samoa dance) and a slap dance that was choreographed by the Galeai family. The young men were poised and deliberate with their dance as they started off the night of performances strong. Following them were seniors dancing their Tau’olunga (dancing solos), and other private school students were dancing their school numbers. Saint Louis seniors who danced their individual Tau’olunga included Ordain Lulu, Sam Scott, Eliki Tanuvasa and Maika Hallums. 

The final performance of the night left the crowd in deep awe.”

— I.L.H poly club

The final performance of the night left the crowd in deep awe. The performance started off with the students in a pyramid dancing together in unity, then they transitioned into the girls dance as they left the crowd in total with their delicate and beautiful dance number, then the young men in the group amused the crowd with a mix of Samoan, and Tongan dancing. Then finally the club finished out strong with their own mix of singing and dancing.

I.L.H men taken by Maika Hallums