Movie Review: The First Purge (2018)


Donovan Casison, Writer

The First Purge” was like any other purge movie that came out over the past couple of years; The First Purge (2018), ‘The Purge: The Election Year’ (2016), ‘The Purge: Anarchy’ (2014), and The Purge (2013). It is bloody, gory, and full of death. The only thing that is different about this purge is that it took place on Staten Island, New York only and not spread out across the country. “The First Purge” was based around a group of African Americans that lived in the hood and a few that lived in nice apartments that didn’t want to purge but also didn’t want to leave home.

I think that this movie should have come out before the previous purge movies so you know how it all started. It was hardly like the other purges because people started partying and robbing stores instead of killing each other at first. As a result, those running the purge called in special military forces to jump-start the purge by killing people so that others would kill each other.

There were only a few people that wanted to go out and kill others for hatred and fun. People had the chance to get away before the killings began, but some gangs wanted to stay and defend their territory. Some people weren’t too smart because their loved ones told them to get away from the purge, but they stayed anyways and put their lives at risk.  

Overall, I think the four purge movies before the First Purge (2018) were way better because there were more action and jump scares. I think the movie could have been better by making it more longer (currently 1:52) or replacing the nonaction scenes with more action scenes. Also, it wasn’t the best purge movie in the franchise, and it was very slow paced compared to the other purges.

If you are really interested in watching the purge, I would watch the purge that came out in 2018 first because it tells you how it all started and watch any of the other purge movies from there on. All the purges have different main characters in them so you could watch it in any order you want after the First Purge (2018). I would give this movie a 6/10 because it wasn’t the best purge that I have seen and the movie could have been way better.