Featured Club: Japanese Club

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April 4, 2018

               The Japanese club is one of the many clubs that is less popular and relatively unknown. There are many benefits provided to all the members that join and participate that most are unaware of. Members enjoy going on outings and eating Japanese food. Often times they also get the chance to meet students that visit all the way from Japan.  One of the biggest things they do that takes place in the summer is the Nichidai program. This is a two week program that involves the earlier mentioned students from Japan, who are eager to learn and teach. Your primary job is to teach them English and show them interesting places on the island. Often this involves going off without any adult supervision, which may make many nervous. However it teaches you how to be responsible and decisive. It’s also a ton of fun and you can meet long distance friends easily. Another thing the Japanese club regularly does is raise money for the club. This is usually just selling snacks, or carwashes, simple stuff that anyone can do. The real gain or fun that is to be had is during the setup of these events. You get the chance to meet new friends and hangout with your current friends. The actual setup itself is not very difficult or tiring, so it’s almost more of a time to socialize.Overall the Japanese club is really fun and teaches you a lot. You meet new people, gain new talents, and eat good food while also benefiting the club. Personally it’s one of my favorite clubs and I think more people should give it a chance this year. If you do want to sign up go to Mrs. Tanaka’s room on the bottom floor of Bertam, and listen to the PA announcements for meeting times


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